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A unique telephone answering and instant message forwarding service.

Affordable cover whilst out of the office, in a meeting or catching up on paperwork.

For full details call us, leave a message and we will call you with full details.

Tel: 01322 557392


CallCover is a part of ScreenSavers PCS Ltd

CallCover is a unique answering service that leaves your clients with the impression that their message is being dealt with in-house by a member of your own staff.

Divert your number to us and we will answer all incoming calls, take a message and instantly forward it to the correct person.

First impressions count, which is why we make it our business to understand your business before we answer and forward your messages.

Our friendly, efficient and professional team will rapidly become indispensable to you providing cover whilst out of the office, attending a meeting or just trying to catch up on paperwork without interruption.